Custom Plastic Rewards Membership Cards

Custom Reward Cards

Reward repeat buyers with discounts, special coupons or other perks based on volume of their purchases or visits. It is sometimes that easy to earn a customer for life.

Reward cards encourage return visits by your customers

Don't lose price-sensitive customers to your competition, create customer loyalty with a well-executed rewards program.

Membership Rewards

Develop your membership rewards program around your best customers. Is it a points program which lets loyal patrons earn cash or prizes? Punch cards which earn them free drinks or a service after 10 visits? Or a club card which provides a discount with each purchase?


Example of membership rewards cards

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Rewards Programs

Our professionals are here to assist you in developing an amazing design concept or reward cards program idea. Speak with any of our Rewards Card Program Specialist, we are here to help!


Example of rewards programs cards

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Punch Card

We have so many fun shapes to choose from, we can make your reward punch cards truly unique to your business.


Example of rewards punch cards

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Stay Competitive!

For some industries like travel companies, restaurants, retail stores, gas stations maintaining a strong customer rewards program is a business necessity to stay competitive.


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Plastic Card Printing

We offer several plastic card printer options. Print your own reward cards inhouse when it is important to give your guest instant gratification of their card in hand today. We specialize in saving you money by printing the shell for you so all you need to do is print the new member name and/or number.

Other ways to Reward Loyal Customers

Check out VIP Cards, Membership Cards, Loyalty Cards and Discount Cards for other fun alternatives to rewards cards. These are great ways to bring customers in again and again to spend more with you.

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Who's getting an amazing business rewards card lately?

Enticing rewards programs and rewards cards are our specialty, here's how a few of our recent customers are using the plastic rewards cards they received from Plastic Printers in their businesses.

Plastic Rewards Cards for your Hotel and Casino

Hotels & Casinos

Julie created a rewards card design that compliments her casino, doubles a marketing tool, and works with her point of sale system to deliver a one-of-a-kind rewards program.

Customer Loyalty Rewards Cards for your Auto Body Shop

Auto Body Shops

Blake G. used a key tag for his rewards program to make earning rewards a quick and easy process for his customers. The key tag attaches to the key ring making it hard for your customers to forget their rewards card.

Reward Card Design for a Cinema

Cinema & Movie Theaters

Martin H. uses his rewards program to give customers rewards like free popcorn, discounts on movie tickets, promotional screenings, and so much more!

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Business Rewards Card for your Espresso Club

Coffee Shops

Jeremy W. has an espresso club that encourages customers to stop and get their coffee with their business, so they can be rewarded.

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Loyalty Rewards Card Tips
Plastic Card Experts

Plastic Rewards Cards Tips

Add a barcode or magnetic stripe to your rewards card design to ensure your card works with your pos system. By connecting them, you will have access to customer insights.

Add the details of your customer rewards program to the back of your cards. Being clear and upfront with your customers can save you from confusion or conflict.

Using punches on your cards is a great way to engage your customers in your customer rewards program. With punches, your customers will know how close they are to a reward.

Trending Plastic Rewards Cards Products

At Plastic Printers, we are experts at designing plastic rewards cards that engage customers and help your rewards program stand out from competition. Some of our most popular features include punch cards, key tags and combo cards, custom shapes, and embossing.

Punch Card Printing

Punch Cards

Keep track of your customer's participation in your rewards program through manual punches on your cards.

Punch Cards in the Shape of a Key Tag

Custom Shapes

We have the largest inventory of unique die cut and custom shaped cards on the internet. We can even create a custom shape for you!

Reward Card Printing

Key Tags & Combo Cards

Create your rewards card in the form of a key tag or combo card to ensure that your rewards program has a convenient options for your customers. 

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Customer Rewards Cards with Embossing


Embossing makes your business rewards card look professional and eye-catching. This feature has raised lettering making your card resemble a credit card.

An experience worth sharing.

People love receiving our plastic cards because it feels more thoughtful than a simple paper card. It makes them feel like VIPs. We have gained a significant number of downloads from giving these cards to potential customers.
Jeff Mcgregor

Dash Software

Jeff Mcgregor of Dash Software

Reward Card Inspiration Gallery


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