Embossed business cards from Plastic Printers

Embossed Business Cards

Add dimension to your business card with one of our most upscale add-ons. With embossed business cards, get the look of a credit card or highlight important information such as your name, website URL, and phone number.

Eye-Catching Embossed Business Cards

From pre-approval faux credit cards to business cards with raised numbers, embossed business cards pique interest and spark a conversation.

Embossed Business Card Design

Our graphic design team is ready to help you take your business card to the next level! We can incorporate your existing logo and contact information into your new card, or create an entirely new, fresh look. Already have your own business card design? We can print from your file too. 

Embossed business card design by Plastic Printers

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Faux Credit Card Styles

Credit Card Style Business Cards are a very popular option, especially for those in the financial and merchant service fields. Just like a credit card, we can use embossing to stamp text on the card in one or two lines. Embossed business cards can be made with gold, silver, black and red letters. (As an added bonus, incorporate a faux foil chip.)

Credit card style business cards with a foil chip

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Embossed Business Card Gallery

Whether you're highlighting key information or creating a unique design, the options are endless with our embossed business card option. Take a look at some of the impactful styles we've created for businesses like yours.

Example of embossed business cards from Plastic Printers

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Embossed Business Card Printing

Are you ready to craft a one-of-a-kind look? We're ready to get started! We know not everyone in your office needs the same quantities, so we'll get you just what you need.

Embossed business card printing from the experts at Plastic Printers

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Who's getting amazing embossed business cards lately?

An embossed business card design is one of our specialties. Here's how a few of our recent customers are using the embossed business cards they received from Plastic Printers in their businesses.

Finance business cards with embossed printing

Finance Business Cards

Cedric B. uses the embossing on his custom business cards to help customers identify the most important information on his card. 

Credit card style business cards with embossing

Credit Card Style Business Cards

Pierre-Andre R. adds foil stamping to create a faux chip, making his card resemble a credit card.

Realtor business cards with embossing

Realtor Business Cards

Susie S. chose embossed printing for her realtor business cards to show that she puts an emphasis on quality.

Church business cards with embossing

Church Business Cards

Walter T. uses his embossed business cards to promote his church programs while simultaneously raising brand awareness. 

Plastic Card Experts

Embossed Business Card Design Tips

Use your embossed printing to highlight the most important information on your cards to make it stand out to your customers. 

Embossing is for more than just creating credit card style business cards. Embossing adds dimension to your cards to make them stand out, so get creative and come up with a unique look that will attract eyes to your cards.

Know your options. Embossing is a unique and eye-catching feature, but it can be combined with other features. Talk with a consultant to understand the additional features you can add.


Trending Product Features

At Plastic Printers, we are experts at designing and printing an embossed business card design that's truly one-of-a-kind. Some of our most popular embossed business card features include metallic elements, full color printing, signature panels, and image printing.

Metallic elements can add an edge to your embossed business cards


Add metallic elements to your embossed business cards to give them an extra edge. Many credit cards have metallic elements, so this feature is great for creating credit card style business cards. 

Full color printing is available on Plastic Printers' embossed business cards

Full Color Printing

Get the most out of your embossed business cards with full color printing. With full color printing, you get the amazing color of your choice on both sides of your custom business cards. 

Custom embossed business cards with a signature panel

Signature Panel

Get closer to the look of a real credit card by adding a writable signature panel to the back of your embossed business cards. With signature panels, you can add your handwritten signature to your cards for a personal touch. 

Embossed business cards by Plastic Printers

Image Printing

Create an eye-catching card by using your own images. Using bold, dynamic images that represent your brand can make your card instantly recognizable to customers, and capture the attention of potential clients. 

A business card design that reflects your brand.

The card is a direct reflection of the quality of our business as reliable, credible and trustworthy. People literally say, "Wow. You don’t throw THIS away" when we hand them out.

Caster Investment Group


Embossed Business Card Inspiration Gallery


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