Hotel Key Cards and Swipe Cards with Magnetic Stripes, RFID Cards and NFC Cards

Hotel Key Card

Key-less access and key cards are the future of security, convenience and reliability for the hospitality industry and residential complexes. Our experts can help print the perfect key cards and key card holders for your hotel business.

Key cards store a physical or digital signature which the key card system accepts before disengaging the lock

There are several common types of key cards including barcode, magnetic stripe, smart card, NFC card, RFID key cards and even mechanical holecard.

Hotel Room Access Thru NFC Cards and RFID Key Cards

Smart technologies allow both RFID and NFC Cards to unlock rooms with ease. Simply touch the card to the system to unlock the door.


Hotel Key Card Design Options

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Key Card Holders

Key card folders help protect your cards and give your guests more information. Many hotels will use the extra space on their holders to explain their check out process, distribute contact information and advertise their rewards program.


Hotel Key Card Holder Printing

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Key Card with Magnetic Stripes

This hotel key card functions by running the magnetic stripe over a sensor. The sensor reads the contents of the strip to make sure it matches the hotel's information. If it matches, the sensor permits access.


Example of Hotel Room Key Card with a Magnetic Stripe

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Trending Key Card Features

We are here to create you a hotel key card that boosts your marketing efforts and provide safety and security within your hotel, resort, condo or apartment. Some of our most popular features include a NFC card, die cut, magnetic stripes and personalization. 

Hotel Room Key with NFC Technology

NFC Card

Touch your NFC card to your key card system to unlock and open the door to your hotel suite. It's simply that easy! Use specialty upgrades, die cuts and custom designs to amaze your customers.

Personalized Cards for your Key Card System


Feature your logo, WiFi password, restaurant hours or other helpful information on your hotel key card to enhance functionality, brand visibility and your customer's experience.

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Hotel Room Key for the Marriott with a Magnetic Stripe

Magnetic Stripes

Easily grant access to your facilities by adding magnetic stripes to your key card! The magnetic stripe ensures that only people with the cards have access to the room.

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Custom Shape Room Key for your Hotel

Die Cut

It's the little details that make your hotel stay special! Impress your customers with a custom shape room key that helps you stand out from competitors and accents your brand.

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Helpful Hotel Key Card Tips

Craft your hotel key card to include information beneficial to your customers. You could include your WiFi password, facility hours or other helpful tips.

Maintain your company’s branding. This will help build brand recognition and give your hotel room key card a professional and cohesive look.

Remember that you have two sides to print on. Utilize that space in a fun and creative way to make your hotel key card double as a marketing tool. For more hotel key card tips, click here.


Who's getting amazing Key Cards lately?

Creating a promotional, functional and professional hotel room key card is our specialty, here's how a recent customers are using the key cards they received from Plastic Printers in their businesses.

Hotel Key Card with Magnetic Stripes

Extended Stay Key Cards

Mark gives his customer's personalized key cards to make their hotel room feel like a second home during their extended vacation, holiday or business trip.

NFC Card for your Key Card System

Spa & Resort Key Card

Cindy ensures your spa retreat is a satisfying and relaxing journey through her NFC card. Little details like easy entry are a simple way to assure a carefree environment and a good time.

RFID Key Cards for Chateau Dumont Sky Hotel

Hotel Key Card

Andrew added RFID technology to his cards to provide guests access to the hotel, their room and other commonplace amenities. The RFID key cards establish security and safety within the hotel.

Custom Hotel Key Cards with Magnetic Stripes and a Key Card Holder

Hotel Room Key

Crystal uses her hotel room key to match the quality and theme of their hotel. Their vintage styled room keys gives their customers a sneak peak into their stay.

Hotel Room Key Card Inspiration Gallery


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