Examples of Custom Transparent Clear Business Cards From Plastic Printers.

Clear Business Cards

Whether you opt for a fully transparent or a frosted finish, clear business cards are the most sought-after option. The dramatic design will not only make your branding pop, but leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Clear Business Cards that make a statement.

From frosted to transparent business cards to clear accents, the options are unlimited with our clear plastic business cards. For an added pop, we can add a color to the transparency and create a business card that is uniquely your own.

Clear Business Cards

Business cards are often the first impression your customers will have of your company. What does your current business card design say about you?

Plastic business cards offer an innovative and professional look, while also being durable and high-quality. 

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Example of Clear Plastic Business Cards

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Die Cut Business Cards

Give your clear business cards an added edge by turning them into a custom shape. We work with our customers to design a wide variety of impactful card styles to boost the face of their business. Choose from shapes already available, or create one that's completely unique to you!


Examples of a Transparent Clear Plastic Die Cut Business Card

Custom Shapes

Clear Business Card Printing

Whether you already have a design in mind or want our expert team to help you craft a one-of-a-kind look, we're ready to get started! We know not everyone in your office needs the same quantities, so we will get you just what you need.


Example of a Custom Clear Business Card

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Transparent Business Card Design

Our graphic design team can incorporate your existing logo and contact information into your new card, or we can create an entirely new fresh look. Already have your own business card design? We can print from your file too. Choose from a vast amount of specialty options to incorporate into your design, such as embossed lettering and so much more!


Example of Custom Transparent Business Cards

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Industry-Specific Business Cards

Whether you are an established business or are just getting started, you want your business card to stand out from the competition. Our team of designers will respect your brand while elevating it. From photography, salon and spa, real estate, restaurants and more, we have decades of experience designing and printing for them all. Put your project in the hands of professionals, let us know your industry, and we can propose business card design options that are specific to your needs. 

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Clear Circle Business Cards for Babyface Medspa

Corporate Marketing Materials & Promotional Products

Brand consistency and image is everything. Your new clear design doesn't have to stop with business cards. Whether you're an Optometrist in needs of eye charts, a Realtor in need of For Sale & Sold signs, or a Retail Store in need of dressing room tags, we will work with you to create custom marketing materials that will take your brand to the next level. 

 Discover the Possibilities

Custom printed marketing materials for Flagship Cinema

Who's getting amazing cards lately?

Customizing your clear business card is fun and exciting—and should never be overwhelming. It is our goal to make it easy for you. Whether you have an idea for your business card or need an idea, we are here to help.

Artist Business Cards With Translucent Elements

Artist Business Cards

Sean uses transparent elements to make his card pop! This incredible card showcases his creativity with a one-of-a-kind look, communicating his artistic talent and innovation that customers are looking for. 

Burrink Snowglobe Clear Plastic Business Cards

Contractor Business Cards

Jennifer distributes her clear contractor business cards to potential clients to catch their attention and stand out amongst other competitors. She makes a unique statement with her translucent business cards.

Fusion Fitness & Performance Core Strength Clear Business Cards

Fitness Business Cards

Fernando connects with current and potential customers through his clear business cards. His flashy fitness business card makes differentiating himself from competitors and gaining new customers simple, easy, and fun.

Dentist Business Card With Clear Elements

Dentist Business Cards

Angelo adds a warm, friendly face to his clear business cards. Translucent business cards offer an innovative and professional look while informing customers about the service he provides.

Trending Product Features

At Plastic Printers one of our most popular requests is clear cards. We have customers create everything from a fully-transparent card to cards with dramatic clear elements. Some of our most popular card features include clear accents and transparent color, die cut cards, foil stamping and business cards.

Business Card With Translucent Logo

Clear Accents & Transparent Color

There are a lot of unique ways to utilize clear elements or transparent colors in your business card. Many businesses choose to emphasize their logo, slogan or type of business by incorporating dramatic clear elements and a transparent color.

Die Cut Business Card In The Shape Of An Ice Cream Truck

Die Cut

Give your customers insight on the service you can provide for them with a unique shape for your plastic cards. We work to design a wide variety of impactful card styles to boost the face of your business. Choose from shapes already available, or create one that's completely unique to you!

Translucent Business Card With Card On It

Business Card

Include your existing logo or create personalized business cards to design a fresh new look branded just for your business. Our premium features can be added to your business card to elevate your branding and wow your customers.

Clear Business Card With Foil Stamping

Foil Stamping

Add foil to your clear cards to make them shine! Simply choose an element to accent, such as a border, icon, logo or lettering for a professional touch. We have a variety of different designs and shades for you to choose from to ensure you have the ability to create the perfect card for your business.

Plastic Card Experts

Clear Business Card Tips

UV coating presents scratching. It is an essential element if you would like to maintain the highest quality plastic card.

Bright colors do not translate perfectly. Talk to your consultant about the colors they offer and their quality of printing to ensure you get a final product you are proud of!

Leaving too much clear space can make it hard to read. Design your plastic card to ensure it grabs your customer's attention and draws their attention to your most important information.

An experience worth sharing.

We deal with athletes "in the field" on a daily basis. Our plastic business cards solved the issue of the card becoming a soaking wet mess from post-race triathletes.
Richard Hendry

Investing 4 Athletes

Clear Business Card Inspiration Gallery


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