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Your business cards should be as unique as your business. With the freedom of design at your fingertips, you can create the perfect business card to help you leave a lasting first impression.

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A business card can easily be an extension of your business, and it’s up to your design to reflect it. There are thousands of design options waiting for you to explore, and though that may seem daunting, we are here to help! There are plenty of popular design features to choose from, or you can choose something wholly unique to put your business on display, and we can make sure it fits your standards!

Constructing your Business Card


Your card’s material is one of your first decisions when constructing a card. It sets the tone and creates a foundation for your customer's experience. Each material has many qualities to consider including durability, perception, cost, and customization.


The standard business card size is 3.5" x 2". We recommend considering the standard credit card size, 3.375" x 2.125"; it fits the best in a wallet. There are many other impactful size options available for your business.


Custom shapes are our specialty and most popular customization option! The possibilities are limitless; design a camera-shaped card for your photography business, create a pint-shaped card for your brewery, or a van-shaped card for your moving business. 


Design Fundamentals


Business cards act as an extension of your business; as such, your logo should be featured front and center, drawing the eye. If you don't have a logo to feature, our design team is ready to help create one for you!


It can be difficult to decide what information to put on your card. Here are some general guidelines for what to include: name, company, job title, and preferred contact information. Try not to overcrowd the card with too much information; leaving blank space helps guide their eye to your most important content.


Give your card a little extra flair with features like transparency, finishes, and shapes. A clear business card can stand out in a pack, or a metallic finish can grant your card a premium look. 

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Frosted Custom Business Card Set

A business card design that reflects your brand.

The card is a direct reflection of the quality of our business as reliable, credible and trustworthy. People literally say, "Wow. You don’t throw THIS away" when we hand them out.
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