You can customize your ID cards to be as unique as your business and provide the security you need!

ID Badge & ID Card

Keep your business or event secure with custom access cards, name badges, id badges, id cards. Available to print on site.

ID Badges and Access Cards ensure secure access to only those who should have it.

ID Badges are a multi-faceted tool used to increase security, brand recognition and employee accountability.

Plastic ID badges can be customized for employees, customers, vendors, partners and more. Personalize them with names, photos or logos and other graphics.

Our designers are experts at adding security features or personalizing your ID cards to fit your company's needs. We're here to help ensure your badges are reliable and include the right options.

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Trending ID Badge Features

At Plastic Printers our goal is to create ID badges and ID cards that will increase the security and safety of your business. Some of our most popular features include writable finishes, custom cards, barcodes, key fobs, smart chips and foil stamping.

ID Badge with a Writable Finish and Photo Identification

Writable Finish

Use a writable finish to allow people to personalize their ID badge. Common personal information to include information is first and last name, employee/membership number, department or contact information.

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Platinum Employee ID Badge Printing for Question Diagnostics

Custom ID Cards

Make your ID card truly spectacular by using a custom shape, clear or translucent portions, photos, platinum, logos or different display options. Customizing your ID cards to match your branding is a great identification tool.

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RFID Name Badges with Barcode and NFC

RFID Access

Security has never been so convenient. RFID/NFC access control provides the ultimate in security and ease of use.  We have the latest in wireless access technology.

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Employee ID with Photo Identification and Custom Holograms

Hologram or Foil Stamping

Monitor the access to your company or event by personalizing your ID cards with foil stamping or holograms. This custom feature will prevent recreation of your ID badges to reinforce your amazing brand!

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Our ID Badge experts are ready to help you get started.

Name Badges

Include information like first name, last name, employee/membership number, department. We can customize your badges and access cards with your logo too.


Example of Access Cards for Aquatic Adventures by

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Photo Identification

Of course, we would love to help you improve security at your school district, hospital or corporation by including photo images on each badge. Need different images on each card? No problem!


Photo Employee ID Badge

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ID Badge Accessories and Display Options

Increase security by having employees or event attendees readily display their id or name badge, by having a circle hole or slit to hang from a clip, bungee or lanyard. Yes, we have them too!


Apex Operational Excellence Photo ID Badges

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Scannable Check-in

Name badges, medical id or id badges used to check someone in to a secure location, a place of employment or an event can have a barcode or be layered on top of key fobs or a RFID smart card chip.


ID Badges with Barcodes or RFID Access

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ID Card Printer

Print your ID cards right from your desktop, ask how easy this can be. We can print a custom ID badge so all you have to do is print the name, number and/or image upon hire.

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All Shapes and Sizes

We have a large selection of shapes and sizes for your ID badges and if you don't see the shape you're looking for we can customize ID badges to your specifications.  Check out all the styles, options and designs we have to choose from.

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Who's getting amazing ID Badges & ID Cards lately?

Professional and functional id badges and id cards are our specialty, here's how a few of our recent customers are using their custom id badges they received from Plastic Printers in their business.

Purple and White School ID with Photo for Sarah Williams

Custom School ID

Sarah W. establishes credibility and safety within different schools through her name badge. Her photo and personal information are a professional identification tool used to enhance her id badge.

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Medical Identification Card for Brain Injuries

Medical Identification Card 

Michael K. uses their identification cards as a public service to assist brain injury survivors. They personalize each card by inserting their emergency contact onto the front of the card.

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Event Name Badges for IR

Event Name Badges

Alyssa H. adds security to her events with custom name tags. Her name badges ensure secure access to people in attendance and emphasize her brand.

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Employee ID Card for an Accredited Travel Agency

Employee Access ID Card

Holly C. has an employee id card that is visually appealing and branded to her company. She incorporated her branding to prevent recreation of their identification card and to make them easily identifiable. 

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Plastic Card Experts

ID Card Tips

Use a durable material. Plastic is a popular option because it is a strong material that can withstand an extensive amount of wear and tear.

Print your custom ID badges thermally or laminated. This will maintain the quality of your badges, while preventing scratching.

Buy a printer with the capacity to fulfill your company's needs. Talk to your consultant about the printer's capabilities to ensure it can print your minimum ID card order.

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ID Badge Printing with Security Features

ID Badge Security: Hologram, Foil Stamps & Watermarks

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Access Control through ID Badge Features

Access control and admittance are big business these days.  Keeping your business secure and monitoring your employees or clients is paramount.  So how do you get started, and what do you need...

Custom Printed ID Badges with Access Control

Scannable Check-In vs. Access Control

Many companies have been putting scannable check-in or access control into their buildings. How does the technology work, and could it benefit you...

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