Key tag printing in custom shapes and sizes

Custom Plastic Key Tags

Plastic key tags offer your customers the unique opportunity to have your card with them at all times, allowing them easy access and use, and a card that is rarely lost.

Plastic Key Tags, your customer can conveniently take with them everywhere they go.

There are unlimited business purposes for a key tag including loyalty and membership cards, promotional products for a trade show or event, labeling or pricing merchandise, even to keep track of attendance at meetings.

Boost your Membership Program

Many membership-driven businesses have found that key tags are a must! Membership key tags are convenient and ensure your members never leave the house without it. For statistics on the importance of membership key tags, see our Ask an Expert page. 

Membership key tags for a yoga and fitness business

Key Tags Encoded to work with your POS

We have established relationships with POS companies to ensure your key tags will be compatible with them. Key tags are available with a barcode or QR code to track your members or provide secure access to your gym, fitness center, or private club. 

Custom plastic key tags that work with your POS

Track Attendance

Key tags can work with an iPad, computer, or mobile device to track attendance at events, meetings, conventions, and many other important corporate events. Use our Smart Connect tracking system to get extra reporting.

Key tag barcode to help you track attendance

Discount & Reward Key Tags

Give your loyal customers VIP treatment by allowing them to earn points or rewards by using their key tag with every purchase/visit. Reward them with special offers, coupons, or discounts.

Example of a Reward Key Tag with a barcode

Who's getting amazing key tags lately?

Customizing your plastic key tag is fun and exciting—and should never be overwhelming. It is our goal to make it easy for you. Whether you have an idea for your key tag or are looking for inspiration, we are here to help. Check out some other key tag accessories.

Plastic key tags for an auto business

Automotive Key Tags

When Megan ordered her key tags, she was looking for a way to help her customers keep track of their loyalty rewards. So with her design, she both grants easily accessible rewards as well as keeps a visit to her auto care business in the front of her customers’ minds!

Custom Shaped Key Tags For Hotels

Hotel Key Tags

Elizabeth wanted to create an eye-catching key tag that shows off the appeal of her resort. By utilizing rounded edges, beautiful scenery, and unique wildlife, she was able to create a memorable card that serves as a nice addition to a keychain!

Promo Key Tags For Restaurants

Restaurant Key Tags

Brenna’s goal was to make her VIP customers feel special by providing convenient discounts and rewards right from their keychains. By using her branding and a unique discount, her VIP customers can really feel the effects of their membership!

Custom Gym Membership Key Tags With Barcodes

Gym Key Tags

Barbara created custom-shaped key tags with two goals in mind: convenience, and memorability. By utilizing a custom shape synonymous with a gym, she created a memorable and distinctive plastic tag for her customers. Adding a barcode makes check-in at her gym a breeze!

Die Cut Key Tags

Choose from the hundreds of custom shaped key tags from our current portfolio. If you don't see a shape you like, we'll create a custom shape just for you.

View Our Gallery

Custom plastic key tags in any shape you like

Custom Designed Key Tags

Our team of talented designers can incorporate your logo, images, or even make it in the shape of something meaningful that represents your business. For more key tag design inspiration, check out our Key Tag Inspiration page. 

If you have any questions feel free to call us at 800-808-7472

Custom key tags with amazing designs

Customer Favorites

At Plastic Printers, we are experts at creating eye-catching key tag designs that elevate your brand and leave a lasting impression. Standard key tags aren't the only kind available to you; let's go over some awesome key tag features that you can use in your own design.

Custom circle keytags with barcode

Round Key Tags

Round key tags have an incredibly versatile design. Not only are they attention-grabbing and creative, but they can also be optimized to work with your point of sale system through barcodes and QR codes.

Custom key tags with barcode for a membership program

Membership Key Tags

Being able to sign in or get rewards right from your keychain is one of the best ways for your customers to use your key tags. Add a barcode and some branding, and your customers will keep coming back for more!

Reward key tags with punches for loyalty programs

Reward Key Tags

Give your customers a tangible way to follow their progression as a member of your loyalty program with reward key tags. Keeping a reminder of your business with your customers is a great way to boost customer retention, all from a custom key tag!

Square key tags with a custom design

Square Key Tags

Custom shapes are a great way to get your plastic tags noticed. Square key tags are a popular choice, with a unique size allowing for the design freedom to create an eye-catching tag.

Key Tags Inspiration Gallery


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Key Tags Tips

Use a durable material. These plastic cards undergo an extensive amount of wear and tear, so you want them to be able to withstand the elements.

Print in full color on both sides. Key tags have a limited amount of space, so you want to take advantage of the whole card.

Add your company information to your key tags to help make it easy for your customers to find their way back to you.

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