Our Process

It is simple!

We deliver high quality, innovative business cards, gift cards, invitations and other promotional products to our customers that...
  • Elevates your brand to make it stand out & differentiate your business from the competition!
  • Effectively communicates your business & what you do.
  • Wows others and leaves lasting impressions.

Plastic Printers employee working on the process


Plastic Printers location in Hastings, Minnesota

From start to finish we do everything here in our building in Hastings, Minnesota.

We aspire to getting the job done right the first time! Your project touches a lot of hands and a lot of eyes see it to ensure our best work is the only thing that gets into our customer's hands.

If for whatever reason one slips by us, we will make sure it is corrected immediately.

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We are committed to meeting the business needs and goals for every project.

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