Custom Fundraising Discount Cards

Fundraising Cards

Attractive fundraising cards attract business sponsors, motivate supporters to donate, and take fundraising efforts to the next level.

The most successful fundraising programs build value in shopping local and engage supporters in your cause, bringing your community closer together.

Fundraising cards are a timeless way to generate revenue for your non-profit, school, sports team, church, club, sorority or fraternity, group or association.

Non-Profit Fundraising Cards

Boost funds for your nonprofit organization to provide additional resources. Creating for you cards that meet your deadline and fit your budget.

Custom Sports Discount Fundraiser Card

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School Group or Team Fundraisers

Raise money for your school to purchase supplies or sustain a music, language, sport, or other vital school program.

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Custom Non Profit Fundraiser Card

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Church Fundraising

Fundraising cards are a proven moneymaker for church and youth groups. We will make your fundraising cards easy to use and profitable!

Custom Church Fundraiser Card With Key Tags

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Fundraising Cards - Your First time?

We have plenty of experience and examples to share with you, creating amazing fundraising cards or sheets that can punch out, break off, pop out or even that can hang, fit in their wallet, or attaches to a key chain. Let our experienced team help you get started today.


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Who's getting amazing Fundraising Cards lately?

Custom fundraiser cards are the perfect way for many different organizations to raise money for upcoming events or bolstering numbers for the coming years, and increase fundraiser profitability. There are plenty of amazing groups and organizations that are already benefiting from their cards; here are a few examples!

Custom School Discount Fundraiser Card


Long Hill Public Schools used their fundraiser cards to provide discounts to their supporters, raising money to help benefit their school system!

Sports Fundraiser Card With Schedule

Sports Organizations

The Panthers used their card to not only provide discounts, but also advertise their game schedule, something supporters who purchased the card would surely appreciate. 

Custom Combo Card With Three Key Tags For Falls Church


Falls Church uses the traditional discount card as well as adding pop-out key tags with discounts as well, allowing their supporters to use their discounts with ease.

Fundraiser Card For Car Washes

Car Washes

TD & J Car Wash chose a brand forward card design that proudly features the card's value, proving to supporters that the card is a great deal. 

Fundraiser Card Design Tips
Card Experts

Fundraiser Card Design Tips

Try not to clutter your content. Your card will likely have a lot written on it; you should make sure that all of it is still readable once all the discounts are included. 

Be sure to feature your logo in a clear way, like at the top left of the card, where the eye tends to travel first. That way, everyone knows who they are supporting!

Many traditional fundraiser cards feature 10-12 discounts on their cards, so be sure to reach out to as many partners as you need to fill your card with discounts!

Trending Fundraising Card Features

There are plenty of different ways to distribute the discounts from your card, whether that's the tried-and-true single card method, or one of these awesome trending ideas! Creating a unique experience for your customers is sure to raise your fundraiser's profitability.

Custom Fundraiser Combo Card For Softball

Combo Cards

Combo cards are so called due to their combination of card and key tag. You can take the card off, as well as the key tags, for a simple, easy, cool way to deliver discounts to your supporters. 

Custom Large Tear-Off Cards

Tear-off Cards

Tear-off cards feature plenty of discounts for your supporters to use and can show how far they've progressed in using them by having them tear discounts off the card to use them. 

Custom Key Tag Punch-Out Card

Punch-out Cards

Punch-out cards are another satisfying example for supporters to get your discounts; with each discount cashed in, they punch another out of the card.

Custom Pop-Out Cards

Pop-out Cards

Pop-out cards allow you to 'pop' smaller cards out that can be easily carried in a wallet or on a key chain to ensure the card is always available when it's time for your supporters to use a discount. 

Fundraising Card Inspiration Gallery


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