Example of custom plastic VIP cards

Custom VIP Cards

Having a VIP card or "club card" for your business generates more sales while recognizing top-revenue generating customers.

VIP card programs help identify the buying habits of your most profitable customers.

Whether you define your perfect customer based on the quantity of items they purchase or the dollar amount they spend, or even the number of times they enter your business or attend an event; building a habit of loyalty starts when you hand your customer a VIP card.

VIP Card Perks

Provides exclusive offers, discounts, rewards, points or access to special events. Allow your customers to be the first to sample new products or services before anyone else, this creates unbelievable word of mouth promotion with little to no effort.


Example of VIP card perks for Jardenea the Melrose Hotel

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Die Cut VIP Card

Personalize your VIP cards in a meaningful way exclusive only to you with custom shapes, no one can reproduce or recreate your cards for security purposes.


Example of Die Cut VIP Card for Red Bull

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VIP Card Design

Our very talented team of graphic designers can take your vision and make it a reality. Let us know what you envision, contact a consultant today.


Example of design elements for creating VIP cards

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Elite Card with Premium Features

Show your preferred customer they are special by giving them a card with a luxury look and feel.

  • Custom Foil or Metallics
  • Gold card
  • Platinum
  • Embossing or fake credit card effect

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Start your own Referral Program

Keep new business flowing by offering your most valued customers the opportunity to share your business with others by referring their friends!

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VIP Card Printing for your Referral Program


Who's getting amazing plastic VIP Cards lately?

Premium custom plastic VIP cards are our specialty, here's how a few of our recent customers are using the cards they received from Plastic Printers in their business.

VIP card for a resort and hotel VIP program

Hotel VIP Cards

Eun uses his plastic VIP cards to encourage his VIP customers to go to their cafe or restaurant located in their hotel by giving them a discount.

VIP club card

VIP Club Card

Ben uses his VIP club card to identify VIPs at his business and to provide them with the ultimate VIP experience, encouraging them to return. 

Salon VIP Cards

Salon VIP Cards

Angela uses her salon VIP cards to reward her loyal customers with discounts and exclusive products.

custom plastic vip cards for a casino VIP program

Casino VIP Program

John uses his VIP program at his casino so players can earn and redeem cashback rewards as they play. 

Plastic Card Experts

VIP Program Tips

Give your customers a reason to become VIPs by offering discounts, prizes, or exclusive products/events.

Use barcodes, magnetic stripes, or QR codes on your VIP cards to gain valuable insights on your VIPs' shopping habits. 

To ensure your customers always have their VIP cards on them, consider using key tags for your VIP program. 

Trending VIP Card Features

At Plastic Printers our goal is to create plastic VIP cards that help create and sustain loyal customers for life. Some of our most popular features include combo cards and key tags, metallic elements, embossing, and point of sale compatibility.

Custom VIP Cards - combo card with barcode for a park

Combo Cards

Offering combo cards gives you twice the exposure, as multiple cards or key tags can be shared between business associates or family members.

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Plastic VIP Cards for a Hotel


Use the metallic feature to differentiate the tiers in your VIP program, add a security feature to your card, or create a premium VIP card design that helps boost customer satisfaction.

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Embossed VIP Card Design


Add dimension to your business card with one of our most upscale add-ons. Whether you are highlighting key information or creating a unique design, the options are endless with embossing.

VIP Card Printing with POS Compatibility

Point of Sale Compatibility

Connect your VIP program with your point of sale system to access consumer data, observe buying habits, and create a unique experience for your VIP customers.

Custom VIP Card Inspiration Gallery

Get inspiration from some of the most popular VIP card looks.


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