Custom VIP Passes, Access Badges, Summit Pass, Convention Badges, Festival Pass and more.

Conference Badges & Event Badges

Create a unique experience for your attendees with custom badges. Event badges make your attendees feel special while giving them exclusive access to your convention, trade shows, festival, concert or other special events.

Conference badges and plastic badges give attendees a personalized experience making them feel valued.

Custom badges give access to those who should have it which ensures the safety and security of your special event, conference, fair, expo or corporate event.

Trade Show Badge

Provide admittance to your trade show so companies or professionals can showcase their new products or services. Increase the exclusivity of specific events within the trade show by offering different trade show badges.

Example of Platinum Mirror-Like Reflective Custom Trade Show Badge for Sandy Dollar and the Sea Babies Cartoon

Festival Pass

Give your attendees a festival pass which allows them to go to a series of concerts, plays or movies. A VIP pass is a common addition to festival events because it gives people the option have a better view or have special perks.

Clear Transparent Summerfest VIP Backstage Passes by for your concert of event

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Convention Badges

Grant access to your fandom, profession or industry convention so individuals can meet to discuss or engage in a similar interest. Conventions often have multiple badges to identify the different levels of access and privileges.

Example of Custom Convention Badges for MetaCon Minneapolis with Writable area for personalization and event schedule

Backstage Pass

Provide exclusive offers, discounts, rewards, points or access to your event or concert. Backstage passes allow attendees to be one of a select few to get behind the scenes to meet the cast or band.

Example of Custom Printed Backstage All Access Pass for the play Anything Goes by Plastic Printers, Inc.

Event Badge Design

Our highly-talented team of graphic designers can add special features to your plastic badges so they can not be replicated. Create eye-catching custom badges by using a custom shape, clear or frosted accents, personalization or multiple version printing.

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Trade Show Badges, Exhibitor Badges, Summit Pass, Fair Passes and Concert Badges Graphic Design Process

Die Cut Event Pass

Personalize your custom event pass to your company or brand, so no one can reproduce or recreate your passes for security purposes. This will also permit you to recognize your passes from afar.

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Example of Custom Hamburger Shaped VIP Passes by

Who's getting an amazing Event Pass lately?

Eye-catching and professional event badges are our specialty, here's how a few of our recent customers are using their custom event pass they received from Plastic Printers in their business.

Chicago Humanities Fair Passes - Writable ID Badge with Luggage Slot Punch

Fair Passes

Natalie uses multiple version printing to recognize the various people at her event. Her fair passes are color coded and labeled, so everyone in attendance knows who the staff, charter humanist and fair attendees are. 

Nightclub and Bar Trade Show - Expo Hall, Conference Program, Workshop, Party Pass, and VIP Lounge

Custom Convention Badges

Erica's convention badges were strategically designed to be a marketing tool, access pass and informational guide. In order to get into the events listed on the back of the custom convention badges, attendees must wear it to all of the different locations.


Winter Blues Jazz Festival Press Pass, Clear Transparent VIP and All Access Passes

Festival Pass

Steve has multiple festival passes to identify the different levels of access, perks and privileges. It is very common to compliment your event pass with an access pass to increase the safety and security throughout the event.


The Race to Success 2013 Fall Custom Conference Badges Sponsored by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina

Conference Badges

Jani created a functional and eye-catching conference badge for individuals to clip onto their lanyard. This ensures the badge is out of the participants way, so they can enjoy their day at the conference.

Plastic Card Experts

Custom Plastic Badge Tips

Design your badge to fulfill your needs. Plastic event badges can double as a marketing tool, access pass, id badge or informational guide.

Incorporate a premium design to prevent the recreation of your special event pass and increase the security of your event.

Insert a lanyard hole or slit. This is a great way to display the pass and it is easy to identify your pass from afar.

Trending Conference Badge and Backstage Pass Features

At Plastic Printers our goal is to create custom trade show badges and festival passes to help provide a once in a lifetime experience for your attendees. Some of our most popular features include clear cards, full color printing, die cut and personalization.

Special Guest Pass for Leaky Con - Writable Surface with Luggage Slot for Lanyard


Personalize your custom convention badges, concert badges, fair passes and exhibitor badges so they increase security and are compatible with your event. Add the attendee's name, a barcode, the event date and time, your branding or an agenda to enhance your badge.

Stamp and Scrapbook Expo Pass Printed on Clear Plastic Cards

Clear Card

 Stand out with plastic event badges your event attendees will never forget! Showcase your unique style by using partial satin options, colored accents or even a frosted printed image. Clear cards deliver impressions that last!

Volcom Custom Shape Die Cut VIP Card with Lanyard Slot

Die Cut

By utilizing our custom shapes, we can design a backstage pass, convention badge or show badges that leaves your customers with a lasting impression. Choose from shapes already available, or create one that's completely unique to you!

One Day Pass to HoustonCon for Cole Jackson - Saturday Only with QR Code

Full Color Printing

Full color printing gives you the ability to print on both sides of your custom event pass and add additional functions such as a marketing tool, access pass, informational guide, id badge or VIP pass. Plus, we provide full color printing with no extra charge!

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