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Plastic Business Cards

Plastic business cards communicate a willingness to invest in a business relationship that lasts. Our plastic business cards are not only creative, but they are made to leave a lasting impression.

Example of plastic business card by Plastic Printers, Inc.

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Gift Cards

Just one more item to have on your shelf to increase revenue for your business. Our plastic gift cards are uniquely customized with your branding and logo design.

Example of custom gift card for restaurant

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Membership Cards

Track the actions of current customers or provide them access to your business. Options include a single membership card, card with a key tag combination or even multiple tags together.

Example of custom membership card by Plastic Printers, Inc.

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Custom VIP Cards

Our custom VIP cards are made to generate sales while recognizing and rewarding top-revenue generating customers. Create a customized VIP card they will be proud to present.

Example of VIP card for a Hotel

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Discount Cards

Remarkable marketing tools used to advertise and upsell customers. Our goal is to create a discount card that will bring your customers in the door again and again.

Example of discount card for Village Boutique

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Medical Cards

We have solutions for all your custom medical card needs, from medical insurance cards, secure access cards for admittance in secure areas to photo identification badges.

Example of Custom Medical Card and Promo Card

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Reward Cards

Don't lose price-sensitive customers to your competition, create customer loyalty with a well-executed rewards program. Custom reward cards create happy customers for life!

Example of custom rewards card for Just Pets

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Promo Cards

Entice current and new customers with a promotion they can’t refuse. Let us help to create a conversation piece that helps you build, promote and generate new business.

Example of custom shape promo cards designed for a dental office

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Fundraising Cards & Calendars

Fundraising cards are proven money makers for your organization, non-profit, sports team, school, church or youth group. We will help you create  custom fundraiser cards and calendars to fit your deadline and budget.

Example of custom fundraising card for school district

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Loyalty Cards

The single best way to get the word out about your business to attract new customers, reward loyal customers while tracking their spending and buyer behaviors. We will help you create a plastic loyalty card that your customers will want to show others!

Example of custom loyalty card for Krista Annes Boutique

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Key / Hotel / Access Cards

Access cards ensure the safety and security of your business. We design and deliver high-quality custom access cards that are made to last and can sustain frequent usage at your hotel rooms or offices.

Example of access cards for Marigold Hotel

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Additional Services

Plastic Cards in Unlimited Shapes and Sizes

The ability to print on unlimited shapes and sizes of plastic enables us to create unique custom plastic products that will truly differentiate your business from your competition.

Flexible Options, So You Can Print it Yourself

We can print plastic cards for you, or you can purchase a plastic card printer from us and print them yourself. We often help our clients create the design for the cards and send them pre-printed cards where all they have to do is add the name, contact information and/or a photo.

Business Branding and Logo Design

We can create a custom design for your business for any purpose or industry using your logo and branding for inspiration. Don't have a logo? Need a brand refresh? Plastic Printers designers are experts at visually communicating ideas. 

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Custom Merchandise

We can help you create innovative new ways to merchandise, market and promote your business, products and services. It all starts with a conversation with our business marketing experts. 

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