"We have internal sustainability processes that we have always practiced, but we wanted to take that next step. In the past couple of years, we decided to look beyond ourselves to how we could provide sustainable solutions to other businesses. Our sustainable materials make that possible & we are excited about it! We know that it doesn't stop there, we are committed to being a Leader in this Space & consistently evaluating, researching, & testing new ways to be environmentally responsible."

Katie Buss

Director of Marketing

Plastic Printers


Commitment to Sustainable Materials

As a global leader in card manufacturing and design, Plastic Printers is at the forefront of sustainability in the industry. We are always testing, researching, and implementing new methods to reduce our environmental impact and find sustainable materials for the companies that we service.

Recycled Materials

We tailor our solutions to your unique goals and requirements that's why we work with companies around the world to provide our customers with sustainable solutions for their business such as cards made from recycled plastic.

Recyclable materials
Recyclable Materials

We combine the latest and greatest technology available with our pioneering team to help move our sustainability initiatives forward. We have material available that is not only recyclable but are also manufactured under the strictest guidelines for environmental safety and waste reduction.

Reclaimed Materials

Our environmental responsibility doesn't stop there, we work with companies to reclaim plastic that is ocean bound and re-purpose them into printed products. Our goal is to help reduce the amount of floating plastic in the ocean to help the environment and save marine mammals.

Eco friendly packaging from Plastic Printers

Sustainable Packaging

We are also committed to evaluating, providing, and using Earth-friendly packaging for our customers. They love that we offer sustainable packaging, it's a simple way for them to limit their environmental impact and prevent landfills from receiving million of tons of containers and packaging.

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How Our Sustainability Measures Affect the Earth

Using reclaimed plastic cards helps prevent some of the 4.8 to 12.7 million metric tons of plastic from entering our oceans.

Recycling 1 ton of cardboard saves 46 gallons of oil.

Over 69 billion tons of waste are recycled in the U.S. a year.

Making products from recyclables results in energy savings. Recycled plastics save 70% production energy.

Using reusable water bottles at the office helps prevent our employees from contributing to the 2.5 million plastic bottles that are thrown away every hour.

We are committed to helping remove 10 million pounds of plastic at-risk of polluting our oceans over the next 2 years.


Common Questions

Typical questions pertaining to sustainability.

Why is going green so important to Plastic Printers?

We want to expand beyond ourselves to impact the world in a much bigger way. We hope that by limiting our own environmental impact, we help businesses do the same. With our non-profit and sustainable materials, we believe we can make a huge difference in helping the world become more environmentally friendly.

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What is Plastic Printers doing to be a leader in sustainability in the custom printing and design industry?

Plastic Printers has taken action to be a more sustainable company and protect the environment by using recyclable materials, reclaimed materials, and recycled materials. Additionally, we have put a huge focus on providing and using green packaging.

We also have started a non-profit organization that helps educate and enhance companies' knowledge of environmental standards. This initiative has become a core part of our company. It has helped teach our employees about recycling and switch them to reusable water bottles to prevent some of the 38 billion water bottles that end up in U.S. landfills every year.

What is Plastic Printers' non-profit?

Plastic Printers launched a non-profit that helps educate and enhance other companies' knowledge of environmental standards. Through the non-profit, companies learn about the environmental standards and put them in a better position to meet them. 

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Will Plastic Printers continue to push for sustainability?

Absolutely. At Plastic Printers, we are always striving to improve, and this cause is no different. We are constantly working on innovative ideas that will help us become an even more sustainable company. 

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What can I do to help go green?

Going green to help protect the environment is very admirable. We have some tips that can help you go green at home:

  • Switch your lightbulbs to a more energy-efficient type
  • Stop using disposable bags at the grocery store
  • Use reusable water bottles rather than disposable ones
  • Start composting - building your own compost bin is very inexpensive
  • Cut back on the mail you receive - put an end to unwanted mail and pay your bills online

There are many other ways you can go green at home, but these ideas are a good way to start.

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Does Plastic Printers recycle at your headquarters?

Recycling helps prevent pollution, save energy, reduce the need to collect new material, reduces the amount of waste in landfills, and so much more. At Plastic Printers, we take recycling very seriously and recycle extensively in our business. Employees are also encouraged and provided the materials to use sustainable and reusable products rather than disposable ones.

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